Member of the Month

Bill Martin

Bill Martin

Bill Martin has been President of the Americas Tilapia Alliance since 2014.  We appreciate his service to the ATA since its reorganization.
He is President and CEO of Blue Ridge Aquaculture in Martinsville VA.  Blue Ridge Aquaculture is the largest producer of tilapia in the US. Bill has a long and successful career in aquaculture and has developed processes to raise fish without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or genetic modification.  Blue Ridge Aquaculture has been producing tilapia since 1993.  Bill has been member of multiple US Aquaculture organizations including NAA, CEFAS, and SRAC.  He specializes in recirculating systems and was a pioneer of RAS in the US.  Bill has served as an operational consultant to aquaculture companies in the US and around the world.
He looks forward to seeing all of our members at the 2019 Aquaculture America in New Orleans.